How Masturbation Has Improved My Sex Life


Masturbation has been a topic of much debate.

In the past, the medical world was divided on whether it could help with erectile dysfunction or other sexual issues. Now people can use it as a way to reduce stress and other mental issues.

What is the point of writing a blog about masturbation?

I think it is a healthy topic to cover and I can tell you from my own experience that onanism has helped me improve my sex life. This blog will cover a variety of aspects including the benefits of wanking, how it affects your sex life, and how you can improve it.

how masturbation has improved my sex life

The benefits of masturbation (better sex life, happier life)

Masturbation is a simple and easy way to have a good time. It’s essentially the same as sex, but you don’t have to worry about birth control or pregnancy, or sexually transmitted diseases.

With self-stimulation, you can live out your fantasies to the fullest.

I enjoy watching porn from to help masturbate. Not only can you do whatever you’d like; you can keep playing until you’re satisfied. Masturbation can lead to better relationships, less stress, and happier life.

How does masturbation compare now to when I was growing up?

The taboo around masturbation has faded over the years. Playing with yourself became considered less taboo during the sexual revolution in the 1970s.

Formerly taboo conversation topics like masturbation are now becoming more common. Onanism is often the first sexual act to happen in the life of a young adult, regardless of gender or orientation.

People should feel comfortable talking about frigging regardless of the setting. Masturbation is not something that should be shamed but accepted.

masturbation toy

The benefits of masturbation.

It’s important to know that it’s not just common, but sometimes necessary!

Not only does self-stimulation allow you to achieve sexual release, but it can also improve your overall health. There are numerous health benefits that you can receive from wanking.

For example, self-gratification helps prevent prostate cancer in men, it can help prevent urinary tract infections in women, it can help people sleep better, and it can also help reduce depression and allow for people to have a positive self-image. I recommend checking out for some extra fun sex toys to help with your solo experience.

Go from regular masturbation to having amazing sex?

No one is born knowing what they like in bed.

Even the most experienced of lovers has had to experiment to find what they like in bed. It can be pretty daunting for some people to try new things, especially when it comes to sex.

how masturbation has improved my sex life

Masturbation is a great way to figure out what you like sexually, not just what you like to see, but also what you like to feel! It’s also a great way to get in touch with your body. Try masturbating before you have sex to find out what you like and learn about what feels good. If you’re exploring sex with another person, try to include what you learned from masturbating. Or, even use masturbation as a warmup to sex. Masturbation is a wonderful way to get to know yourself.


Hopefully, you’ve learned something new from my insights and found a little inspiration. The most important thing to remember is that masturbation is a natural, normal, and healthy part of human sexuality. It’s common to feel confused and embarrassed about it at times, but those feelings will fade as you learn more and more about it.

It’s important to remember that masturbating and being sexual is a part of you and your sexuality. It’s something that should be embraced and celebrated!

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